Quality Management Policy

Quality Management Policy

The Management Policy adopted by RPP defines the commitments, principles and fundamental values ​​that form the basis of the Management System, with the objective of its strategic and sustained development.

Thus, the RPP management is committed to guiding its performance in a responsible manner, according to the following:

Valuing Customers

Promote customer loyalty, providing competitive products and services that continuously satisfy and exceed their requirements, needs and expectations.
Systematically adapt the offer to the client’s requirements, orienting its activity towards “innovation at the client’s service”.

Valuing Resources

Ensure the qualification of its employees for the performance of their duties, aiming at strengthening skills and their levels of awareness.
Valuing and holding employees accountable, considering them as key elements of the company’s success, encouraging them to participate, analyze and take critical, creative and constructive attitudes aimed at the continuous improvement of the Management System.
Promote employee involvement in the company’s growth objectives and strategies.

Enhancement of the Management System and Continuous Improvement

Ensure continuous improvement in the performance of the Management System and in its processes, products, services and internal operations.
Ensure compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, legislation, applicable regulations as well as customer requirements.
Ensure the development, maintenance and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of its Management System.
Promote and disseminate the Management Policy, so that in this way the Management System is a key tool in the sustained growth of the company, through the achievement of the established objectives and the goals defined annually.

During the Annual Review of the Management System, this Management Policy will be analyzed and, if necessary, adjusted to the defined objectives, in order to achieve them.

1 August 2019

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